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We consider the prevailing corporate law framework (ltd/Inc. and labor laws), originating from the time of the industrial revolution and intended for capital-intensive companies, to be no longer up to date. In addition to a good product idea, a complementary team and sufficient financing, a successful start-up also requires a contemporary corporate structure and culture that is resilient in the long term.

The latter is often neglected by founders but can usually only be freely designed during the start-up phase. We therefore prefer to get involved in this early phase and support the founders in setting up promising corporate structures.

This is our contribution to unfolding values.


It is never too late for a
contemporary corporate structure

That’s why we like to get involved with companies in transition, with restructuring needs, succession problems or a lack of employee motivation.

We advise you based on our proprietary company and compensation model, support you in the operational and communicative implementation and thus create the framework conditions for your successful re-start or turnaround.  

We engage in the understanding of a co-entrepreneur and ensure a revival of the intrinsic motivation of your workforce.

This is our contribution to unfolding values.

Business Angels

We unleash value
for business angels

If you are active as a business angel and interested in financial service providers, please feel free to contact us. We usually act as lead investor and always need support from business angels and professional venture capital investors who are interested in club deals.

Capital provider

We unfold values

The financial services sector is in a state of upheaval and is generating innovations – whether in the form of new investment concepts, the use of the platform economy, or digitization and data science. At the same time, this sector is predestined for our human capitalist approach because it is not very capital-intensive but particularly dependent on skilled and motivated employees.

With our many years of experience as founders and entrepreneurs in the financial sector, we understand our industry, select promising portfolio companies, and together with the founders unfold them to success. In addition, the network of the MAM-Partners Group unfolds values for founders and investors.

The start-up phase, the restructuring phase and finally when shares of a company become tradable, are phases of high value creation for a company. We help in making shares tradable by regularly offering founders, employees and investors of our portfolio companies to exchange their company shares for shares of MAM-Partners AG, thereby diversifying their asset base, providing liquidity via tradable shares of MAM-Partners AG and organically growing the group together.

Human capitalist companies are more stable, more productive, require less capital and are easier to finance – and therefore achieve better performance.

This is our contribution to unfolding values.

Contact us if you are open-minded for a refreshing alternative to traditional venture capital.


Institutional investors

Are you open-minded about innovative financial products? New funds are constantly emerging from our portfolio companies, for which we need well-capitalized seed investors. You can contribute at preferential conditions and gain interesting advantages as a promoter of young financial service providers.